NEWA updates to improve your NEWA experience! 

Although all funding for NEWA was eliminated from the NYS IPM Program budget as of July 1, 2009, NEWA is still growing!

The IP 100 ethernet interface upgrade has been released:

The Rainwise IP 100 paves the way for web-based delivery of data to NEWA – This means near “real-time” weather data access in NEWA’s pest forecast models for your weather station. All our new weather stations come equipped with the IP 100 ethernet interface.  Get the upgrade, plug directly into your router and turn the computer ftp off! See more info at “Get a Weather Station”.

John Gibbons is back!
Weather station support in NY is back on track - NEWA weather station troubleshooting and technical support is once again available. The IP 100 upgrade greatly improves data connection and reliability. John field-tested the IP 100 and recommends using it wherever possible.

Weather station status:
Twelve stations have been disconnected - Arkport, Avon, Batavia, Eden, Friend, Groveland, Himrod, Naples, Pavilion, Potter, Prattsburg and Savannah. Many of these were Sensatronics brand weather stations which are obsolete. These have not been replaced.
Sensatronics instruments - if Sensatronics break, they are off. Consider replacing these with a Rainwise instrument. See more
info at “Get a Weather Station”.

NEWA initiatives:
Automated email messages - If there is a problem with the data from your location the email will inform you about the problem. We hope to put this into place this year.
Welcome our Expansion Networks - VT-NEWA, MA-NEWA, EcoOrchard-NEWA, and NJ-NEWA!
Send us ideas at newa@cornell.edu.

NEWA reminders:
Rainwise Inc. upgrades – Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Rainwise WLcom software upgrade and Eprom chip sent out last spring, 2011! This upgrade provides faster data downloads (especially with ftp), data export to Excel and improved data integrity.
Calibrate your weather station with Rainwise every two years – Rainwise recommends that weather stations be calibrated every two years for best data reliability. Contact Rainwise for more information.
Join us in welcoming our Expansion Networks - VT-NEWA, MA-NEWA, EcoOrchard-NEWA,
and NJ-NEWA!

NEWA will continue to operate! NEWA may change in the future, but current changes have moved NEWA in a positive direction.

Please contact newa@cornell.edu for more information and to share your ideas for NEWA’s future! We greatly appreciate the many positive statements we receive regarding NEWA’s impact and importance to IPM practice. Those of us working to build NEWA's future welcome any and all of your ideas. Send them to any of the people listed below who are members of the NEWA Steering Committee:

NEWA is a key component of IPM for the farmer, the extension educator, and the consultant. It is a place where Cornell University’s research minds meet at the crossroads of horticulture, agriculture, plant pathology, entomology, meteorology, and climatology to implement basic research applications. It is where the National Weather Service, the Northeast Regional Climate Center, and Land Grant University scientists exchange and deliver ideas.

Abby Seaman
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Deborah Breth
Hans Walter-Peterson
John Gibbons
Juliet Carroll
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Most sincerely,
Juliet Carroll
NEWA Project Leader

March 2012