Get a NEWA Weather Station


Connect to NEWA in NY, MA, VT, PA, and CT with a RainWise AgroMET & IP100 Weather Station package for $1,890

NEWA covers New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. NEWA makes it possible for farmers, consultants, processors, educators and faculty to share resources for weather data collection, analysis, distribution, and archiving.

The weather station price includes
  • 2-year warranty
  • Software
  • Cables
  • Solar panel
  • Ethernet interface – requires high speed internet (DSL, cable, etc.)
  • Non-volatile RAM – prevents data loss during power outage
  • 8 integrated sensors – temperature, dew point temperature (relative humidity), tipping bucket rain gauge, leaf wetness, solar radiation, anemometer (wind speed), wind direction, and barometric pressure.

Get the AgroMET (MKIII SP1-LR) with IP-100 Ethernet interface, cost $1,890.
2.4 GHz and up to 1 mile (line of sight) transmission.
The Ethernet IP-100 interface requires high speed internet.
Weather data is sent to RainwiseNet and immediately transferred to NEWA's server.
Prices are based on shipping and billing within the contiguous United States.
Current delivery is 4-6 weeks.
Note: Order the monomount, mounting bracket, separately, approximately $50.


Before placing your order, contact your state’s NEWA manager:

In New York

In Massachusetts

In Vermont

In Pennsylvania

In Connecticut

Juliet Carroll
NYS IPM Program
Cornell University
Geneva, NY 14456

Jon Clements
UMass Extension
University of Massachusetts
Belchertown, MA 01007

Terence Bradshaw
UVM Apple Team
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

Robert Crassweller
Dept of Horticulture
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802

Mary Concklin
Fruit Production & IPM
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269



For other locations and more information contact
Juliet Carroll, NEWA Project Leader, 315-787-2430,