NEWA History

NEWA was formed in 1995 and continues to evolve to stay current with advances in pest and weather forecasting. It is operated by the NYS IPM Program. Since 2007, NEWA partners with the Northeast Regional Climate Center to deliver weather data and pest forecasts from hundreds of weather stations in the northeast.

Development of the weather network was supported through a 1995-96 grant from the USDA Agricultural Telecommunications Program to the NYS IPM Program. Continuation of NEWA after start-up depended on membership fees and grant funding. The Northeast Weather Association (NEWA), a nonprofit organization including growers, private consultants, Cornell Cooperative Extension employees, processors, and Cornell University faculty members, was established soon after the weather network was created and its board of directors managed the network.

NEWA membership fees were eliminated in 2002 and access made free-of-charge, courtesy of funding support from the NYS IPM Program. The Association was dissolved and the name changed to Network for Environment and Weather Applications to fit the NEWA acronym.

The initial weather stations used in NEWA were manufactured by Sensor Instruments. Today, NEWA uses RainWise Inc. AgroMet weather stations. Each weather station location is shown by the NEWA logo on the NEWA map. National Weather Service airport weather stations are also part of the NEWA network—shown by the airplane logos on the NEWA map.

NEWA began expanding into other states in the Northeast in 2010 when Vermont joined. In 2011, Massachusetts and New Jersey joined, followed by Pennsylvania in 2013, Connecticut in 2014, and Minnesota in 2015. NEWA is now a partnership of land grant universities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont; along with Minnesota, courtesy of the Minnesota Apple Growers Assocaition. A yearly fee of $1750 from each member state supports NEWA.

Individual farmers can connect to NEWA in non-member states with a yearly fee of $290. We have farms in Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin that have their weather station connected to NEWA. Let your friends and colleagues know about NEWA so they, too, can benefit from the IPM and crop production tools available. Want to know more about NEWA in your state? Contact us!

Juliet Carroll, Leader of NEWA, July 2015