Potato Late Blight Decision Support System (DSS)

The Potato/Tomato Late Blight Decision Support System (DSS) is the most accurate and site-specific late blight forecast tool.  It enables you to use weather (including farm-specific National Weather Service forecasts) to predict the need for future fungicide applications to control late blight. In addition, the DSS includes:

i) standard Blitecast readings (severity values); 

ii) predicted Blitecast readings based on future weather;

iii) another disease forecast system (Simcast) that includes fungicide weathering and varietal susceptibility in determining the need for fungicide; and

iv) opportunity to experiment (virtually) with different fungicide strategies before actually making an application.

The DSS allows you to set up individual fields or farm locations that you would expect to have different climate conditions because of elevation or exposure.  It saves the information for each field or farm for the season, allowing you to record fungicide applications and track fungicide weathering along with the disease severity.

To use the DSS you'll need some training and an account.  Contact Laura Joseph (lje5@cornell.edu) about setting up an account and arranging training.

Use the following link to go to the DSS web page.  http://blight.eas.cornell.edu/blight/

NOTE - The NEWA Simcast tool, accessed from the NEWA main menu by clicking on "Potato Late Blight Later Sprays", doesn't allow the end user to input the time of day a fungicide spray was applied and assumes the fungicide was applied at 10:00 AM. In early August, 2015, a discrepancy was found between the Late Blight DSS output and the NEWA Simcast tool output which was traced to the ability to specify the time of fungicide application in the DSS, but not in NEWA. This discrepancy is a rare event and had not been seen in over two seasons of running these tools simultaneously. Future upgrades to the NEWA Simcast tool will include the ability to enter time of spray application. More on this is on the NEWA blog, blogs.cornell.edu/yourenewa/2015/08/07/late-blight-tools-discrepancy-found/

A guide to using the DSS system.