Potato Late Blight Decision Support System (DSS)

The BlightPro Decision Support System (DSS) is a late blight management tool. It provides Blitecast reports to help schedule the first fungicide application and Simcast reports to schedule subsequent fungicide applications. It also includes:

  1. high resolution weather forecasts for your location,
  2. fungicides other than chlorothalonil,
  3. text or email alerts when thresholds are forecast,
  4. the ability to save a record of previous fungicide applications,
  5. opportunity to experiment (virtually) with different fungicide strategies before actually making an application.

The DSS allows you to set up multiple individual fields (management units) or farm locations that you would expect to have different climate conditions.  It saves the information for each field or farm for the season so you don’t have to re-enter variety and fungicide application history each time you run a forecast.

To use the DSS you'll need an account.  Contact Ian Small (ims56@cornell.edu) about setting up an account and arranging training.

Use the following link to go to the DSS web page. http://blight.eas.cornell.edu/blight/