The Receiving Base is Not Uploading Data To RainwiseNet

For better troubleshooting and to gain an understanding of the overall transmission process watch this video. This problem is usually indicated when your RainwiseNET status reads “Offline” and data are not being uploaded to RainwiseNet or NEWA. The receiving base may indicate a problem when the red light blinks every 2 seconds (or does not blink), and/or the amber light may be stuck on. If data are being uploaded to RainwiseNet but not to NEWA, contact NEWA. There are several issues that can cause the station to not transmit properly that can be solved in the following two troubleshooting steps (1) IP-100 troubleshooting (2) restore IP-100 to factory settings. Before proceeding, check the battery voltage to make sure the battery in the weather station is good. 
1.    IP-100 Troubleshooting
Perform the following checks to troubleshoot your IP-100 data connection:

a)   Check whether you have access to the Internet. If necessary, contact your internet service provider for help.


b)   Check the physical cabling between the IP-100 and your internet router for damaged or loose connections. Do not replace cables without contacting RainWise Technical Support to make sure you get the right cable.


c)   Check if data are being transmitted from your weather station to the IP-100 and uploaded to RainwiseNet. When the IP-100 is uploading data, the RADIO DATA indicator light blinks every two seconds. Visit your RainwiseNet webpage and check that the database is up-to-date. If not, please contact RainWise Technical Support for help resolving the issue.

d)   Make sure the Upload Rate is set at 15 minutes on RainwiseNet, under Settings, and Save changes.

3.    Restore IP-100 to Factory Settings
Restoring the IP-100 is always a good test with internet connection and signal issues or if you messed up during changes to the internal page of the IP-100.Please note that the reset button will be held down for this ENTIRE procedure.

a)   Press and continue to hold the reset button. Disconnect power to the IP100 for about 10 seconds. Then reconnect power to the IP100.


b)   Continue to hold the reset button until the front three lights turn off (Radio Data, Ethernet, Status). Once the lights go off, release the reset button.


c)   It will take a few minutes for the IP-100 to talk to the server and reload its information and connect again.


d)   DO NOT unplug the IP-100 for the next 10 minutes. Doing so during an update or original boot-up will brick the IP-100 and it will have to be sent back to RainWise to be corrected.

e)   The Factory Settings Restore has now been completed.