Weather Station Troubleshooting Guide

This guide covers the following:

Rainfall Data Not Collected 

Station is Not Transmitting

The Receiving Base is Not Uploading Data to RainwiseNet

A simple, common fix is to flip the weather station power switch off, then on again. This may need to be done if there was a lightning strike nearby. It is advisable to turn off the weather station if the work performed will cause erroneous data to be transmitted. (Ex. measured rainfall data when it isn’t raining.) However, for some troubleshooting it is necessary to have the weather station on. This is indicated in the guide.

Once a sensor goes bad, it cannot be repaired, only replaced. Most sensors have a 2 yr warranty and the solar panel has a 5 yr warranty, but they usually last much longer. It is a good idea to get the serial number off of the part you are replacing, before contacting RainWise for a replacement, to ensure you receive the correct version of the sensor.

If you need further guidance, please contact RainWise Technical Support, call (207) 801-4039 or 1-800-762-5723.

Having the serial number of the weather station is essential for proper technical support at RainWise. The serial number is located underneath the rain gauge on the support pole. 

There are three main types of RainWise weather stations that are currently in use in the NEWA system. The AgroMET is the trade name for the MK-III-SP1LR, 2.4 GHz, 1 mile and is the recommended model for the NEWA network. The MK-III-SP2, 900 MHz, 7 mile and the MK-III-SP1, 418 MHz, 400 ft are also being used in the network. The model type can be also found underneath the rain gauge on the support pole. 

There are three types of connections that are used for NEWA to get your data. The FTP connection is being phased out of the NEWA network, but you may have one. This connection uses RainWise WLcom and Cornell ftp software on your dedicated computer. The most common is the IP-100, which uses your high speed internet to connect to RainwiseNet. The last is Cellular connection, which uses a cellular network supported by RainWise and RainwiseNet.

Download the Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide
For additional help with station transmission, watch this video from a 2015 NEWA workshop.
To gain an understanding of how the tipping bucket works and proper maintenance, watch this video from a 2015 NEWA workshop.