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Tune up your weather station

Dan Olmstead
3 min read

Remember to check your weather station before the growing season begins to get the most from NEWA models and resources. Review this checklist as a reminder to be sure your equipment is ready to go.

  1. Set a schedule. Check your weather station every 2 or 3 weeks through the growing season. Choose dates in advance and add to your calendar or planner.

  2. Clean the solar radiation sensor. The diffuser can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Replace if the sensor diffuser is yellow.

  3. Check the anemometer and weather vane. Make sure the anemometer (spinning fan) and weather vane move freely in all directions. Set the weather vane to zero on due North.

  4. Check the leaf wetness sensor. Examine the plastic board and electrodes for corrosion, cracking or weathering damage.

  5. Check the relative humidity sensor. Verify the accuracy of RH measurements by looking at NEWA values on mornings that are above freezing and are rainy or have heavy dew.

  6. Clean the rain gauge. Remove leaves, nests, insect, spider webs and other debris. Set a schedule.

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