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NEWA has a positive impact and can provide a significant economic benefit for growers. We surveyed NEWA users and non-users in 2007 and 2017. In 2017, NEWA users reported annual cost savings, on average, of $4,329 from reducing pesticide sprays and$33,048 in avoided crop loss by using NEWA pest forecast models. 100% of NEWA users would recommend NEWA to other growers.

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NEWA works with Onset Data Loggers and KestrelMet, which are configured for NEWA’s agricultural production tools. Visit our Buy a Weather Station page to contact vendors and understand the steps required for connecting with NEWA resources.

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NEWA is a partnership of land grant universities and grower associations. If you live in a partner state, you can buy a weather station for your farm and connect to NEWA.

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